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Game Designer

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BloodRayne 2: Shroud Tower


BloodRayne 2 (c) Majesco, Terminal Reality
Real-time ScreenCapture from Infernal Engine
Environmental art by Cory Edwards, additional art by The BloodRayne 2 Art Team

The so-named "Kill Puzzle" was a trademark game mechanic we used throughout BloodRayne 2. This puzzle occurs midway through the game, after the player has already completed several simple kill puzzles, and thusly ups the logic element. To destroy the machinery in the far side of the room, Rayne must impale enemies on pipes between intermittent bursts of air emit from them. A toss at the wrong time will be simply blown aside by the powerful bursts. Once she has succeeded (foreground), however; the enemy will be thrust with the next burst of air towards the machine, showcasing our ragdoll physics system.