Hi, I'm Joel Burgess.  Welcome to the internet!

You may be looking for my game design portfoliowhich is where you'd find my resume as a video game developer for Ubisoft Toronto, Bethesda Game Studios, and Terminal Reality.

I've presented talks, lectures, and articles on game design and development around the world, some of which you can also find here.

I am the designer of Dating Pool, a card game about relationships which I am creating independently.

Founded with a handful of my peers back in 2010, I am organize and help present the Level Designer's Workshop, a collection of lectures featured at GDC in San Francisco, as well as GDC China in Shanghai.

There's an extremely small chance you're trying to find songs by Roller Chair Derby, the ska band I played in during college.  If you're in this group, you were probably also in the band.  Those were good times, huh?